Haul! ULTA, CVS and Target

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Enjoy! xoxoxo Target -Loreal infalliable eyeshadow in perpetual purple $6.94 – ELF makeup remover wipes $3.00 – 2 Rimmel Eyeshadow quads $3.14 each -Rimmel kohl blue eyeliner $2.99 = $23.65 CVS (got 25% off! prices BEFORE the 25 taken off) -Milani illuminating powder $9.99 -3 Milani eyeshadows (pink,purple,blue) $4.99each = $20.06 after 25% off ULTA (20% and $5 off) -Lorac pro palette $42 -NYX milk jumbo pencil $3.99 -NYX dolly pink lipliner (2) $2.94 each -Anatasia brow duality pencil $23 -2 face masks $1.99 each -NYX blushes in brown and pink $3.49 each =$80 after 20% and$5 off FOR THE RECORD: i save money. i do not go out and shop all the time.. i do look at prices, i ALWAYS have a calculator with me to make sure i am IN BUDGET :) i am CURRENTLY saving to get studio lights and a new camera to buy for my birthday


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