Hard Beer Belly Fat – Why Hard Beer Belly Fat Is A Danger Sign

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So you have a beer belly. So what. At least it is hard instead of being flabby and soft. I mean, that is a good thing, right? Actually, a very hard layer of fat over your stomach is a danger sign. Since the fat has hardened, it is much harder to burn off. These types of hard fat can build up around internal organs, and unlike soft fat which is pliable, this hard fat can constrict your internal organs, not allowing them to work properly.

This type of belly means you have large amounts of visceral fat, the kind that can cause diabetes. This type of fat is considered to be more deadly than smoking or high cholesterol. But do not fret, there are ways you can combat this hard beer belly fat immediately.

If you drop your overall weight by a mere 5% you can reduce your visceral fat by up to 40%. Because visceral fat can cause a rash of cardiovascular problems, and metabolic problems, even a small decrease in your hard beer belly fat can improve your overall health dramatically and lessen the danger of a major health problem.

I know, you enjoy your beer, and do not want to cut back. Well, try to lessen your hard beer belly fat by eating fiber rich snacks like whole wheat crackers instead of salted beer nuts with your beer. Fiber is healthy, helps regulate your digestive system, and gives you a sense of being full.

Think about it this way, if you decrease your beer intake by 20%, and add a moderate exercise regimen, cut back on fats and sugars, and add whole wheat, rice, pasta and vegetables to your diet in place of sugars, candy, juices and soda, you will see an immediate positive impact on your health and appearance.

Did you know that 70% of Americans are overweight and 25% are obese? Do not risk your health because of hard beer belly fat any longer. If you are ready to take your fat loss to a whole new level and be a healthier you, CLICK HERE.


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