HappyBod – Lose weight the easy way – no need for diet products such as liteneasy, bodytrim, greentea, lemondetox, tony ferguson or weight watchers

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Louise Greally – Health and Wellness coach, weight loss and nutrition specialist & Speaker Kathryn O Riordan – Health therapist, weight loss and nutrition specialist & Corporate health business owner

‘Losing weight is an exercise in maths, keeping it off is psychology!’ Michelle Bridges (PT from The Biggest Loser, Australia)

The problem with most weight loss plans is they don’t look at the real reasons why you gain weight… But none of these are long term solutions. In fact, the majority of ‘weight loss plans’ slow your metabolism which make you get fatter even quicker!!

Understand the psychology of weight loss plus the facts about nutrition, excercise, lifestyle and achieving goals


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