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Can you imagine a life without the unpleasant symptoms after accidentally eating gluten or wheat? Wouldn’t it be great to live with the freedom of being able to eat all your favorite meals and not worry about becoming sick from gluten contamination!

If you’re ready to end your gluten free diet nightmare, then this is the most important letter you’re going to read in your life, because you’re only a few minutes away from no longer having to live with the excruciating pain that comes with gluten sensitivity.

Hi, my name is Felicity and I know just what it feels like to have gluten free diet cramps and being fatigued all the time with no energy. I know what if feels like to worry about what you’re going to be able to eat. I especially know the crushing feeling of trying to go out and socialize without running to a bathroom….with everyone staring at you wondering what’s wrong.

You see, back in 2005, I was just a young mother in an intense work environment trying to make a living while taking care of myself and my little boy Tyler. Sometimes I wouldn’t be home until late, and still had to fix meals and spend time with my son before falling asleep completely exhausted.

Soon enough, I had aches all in my muscles and my joints felt like someone was trying to pry them open with a screwdriver.

I knew something was going on with my body, but I really just chalked it up to stress. Who wouldn’t have? My schedule was hectic. My day started at 6am sharp or sometimes earlier and usually didn’t end until midnight. Yet, something still didn’t seem right…

Then I started to get sharp pains in my stomach a few hours after eating the food that I always have. The pain would be so intense that I would be curled up in bed literally crying for hours. It was like something was twisting up my insides and there was no way I could stop it, eventually the immediate pain would subside but then I would be running to the toilet every few minutes. The bad gas and diarrhea was really troubling me and all I wanted was to feel normal again, to feel healthy and have no pains.

Have you ever gone through something similar? Do you find yourself getting stomach pains, bad gas and the runs? Don’t you find it to be not just painful, but also embarrassing and really inconvenient? Would you like to avoid that pain and discomfort completely and get back to feeling regular everyday?

Back in 2005 after speaking to a nurse friend of mine, I soon learned that my symptoms might be linked to a gluten intolerance allergy. Visiting a doctor confirmed my suspicions, and I needed to eliminate gluten from my diet for 4 weeks to see if it helped. It was at this point that I began reading and researching everything I could on the subject, learning about my…


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