Get more sleep to burn fat

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Hundreds of magazines and books recommend endless information on how to burn fat. While a lot of these books and articles promote precise work out routines, special “fat-burning foods,” and restrictive diets, not any of the techniques suggested by them really help out in learning how to burn fat.

One such aspect that is often ignored is the easy act of getting additional sleep.

Does getting additional sleep include an result in how to burn fat off?

Even though sleeping seems to be one of the laziest things you would do in a day, lack of sleep you impacts far more than you imagine. Still don’t trust me? Well, you have to realize that even slight sleep deprivation will unfavorably influence your efforts at the fitness center. A reduced intensity level will reduce the efficiency of your weight exercise and cardio routines.

Sleep lack impedes the body’s aptitude to repair muscles after weight training. Of course, if you’ve already learned a little about how to burn fat, you’ve maybe also learned that augmented muscle mass will accelerate your metabolism.

Moreover, sleep lack also causes the release of grehlin, a hormone which makes you feel hungrier. This can make it very tricku to go on with your diet because your sweet cravings as well as craving for other unhealthful snacks increase.

If you sleep less, you also consume more calories; this, because you spend more time awake. Almost no one opts for a healthful snack when they’re awake at night. Regardless of your understanding of how to burn fat, you have to know that consuming only a few hundred excess calories a day can totally ruin your efforts.

Over and above, sleep lack hinders the body’s synthesis of leptin. Leptin aids in controlling hunger; it is a hormone in the mind. You’ll end up consuming more calories and spending more time at the fitness center trying to figure out how to burn fat off because you overate once more; this is what happens when levels of leptin in the body are low.

And there’s more….

Sleep lack increases levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol, a hormone produced by our body, is to a great extent responsible for weight gain, mainly around your waistline. If the levels of cortisol in your body are high, you’ll be losing muscle and storing more fat. I’m sure you know that this is the most horrible possible combination for you, even if you don’t know much about how to burn fat off.

While on the subject of hormones, you have to know that sleep lack also lowers growth hormone and testosterone levels in your body. The fact is that these two hormones in the body are the most effective fat-burning substances.

So how much you have to be sleeping if you want to learn how to burn fat off and modify your body’s composition?

Most experts support receiving at least 7 to 8 hours of excellence sleep each night. Clearly, after reading this article, you have to know why those who think that four to five hours of sleep is enough are negatively affecting their weight loss goals.

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