Fix it! – A Jemi One Shot

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Hey guys!! Its gabigameirostories here… hope you enjoy this one shot, I particularly hate it… Sorry! Fix it! – A Jemi One Shot Theme: Broken Hearts Story: JOES POV I see when Demi walks inside the house trying to hide her tears, she doenst even notice Im there, so she runs to her room… Demi, shes amazing, she is the sweetest girl I know, shes always smiling and laughing… I love her so much, but theres only one problem, shes my little sister! YES MY SISTER! Im 17 and shes just 15… but how can a girl look so beautiful?? I hate the fact that shes my sister, this means I have NO possibility of being with her, I, myself, think this is disgusting, but I cant control what I feel nor who I love… END OF JOES POV …after a while… Joe walks inside Demis room and sees her laying in her bed still crying, he lays beside her and caress her hair. Joe: Whats going on Dems? Demi: [looks at him with swollen eyes] nothing Joe… Joe: Nothing? Then why are you here crying your heart out? Demi: [wipes her tears] ww-we broke up… he said Im not good enough! Joe: What?? Demi: Cody told me that I was too young for him… but its just two years Joe!! Would you date a 15 year old girl? Joe: [nods] Oh I would… Demi: see… he doesnt like me, he said I need to lose weight and that my hair needs to be better taken care of… Am I that ugly Joe?? [breaks down crying again] Joe: [hugs her] shhhh little girl… you are beautiful!! That guy is an asshole… dont <b>…<b>


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