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FITNESS MADE SIMPLE BOOK & DVDs: Please SUBSCRIBE to http & SHARE this video on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook. Thanks! FITNESS MAKES YOU AGELESS : Get Fit Friday #1 FIT NOW with BASEDOW: In this episode, I highlight how fitness makes you ageless, meaning how living a fitness lifestyle keeps you youthful, looking good and feeling good. Plus, check out a clip reel I had to put together for press interviews. FIT NOW with BASEDOW is a web series featuring fitness, health, wellness, exercise and nutrition tips to help people achieve their goals. Watch FIT NOW with BASEDOW to take control of your body and life! GET A NEW MEDIA STEW SHIRT! http FIND ME HERE: IMDb: Order DVDs & Books: Twitter Facebook: Google Plus: PLAYLISTS! MOTIVATIONAL: CELEBRITY NEWS: WTF REPORTS: MOVIE REVIEWS: FITNESS, HEALTH & WELLNESS: & COMEDY SKETCHES & MUSIC VIDEOS: ASK JB: ASK JOHN & GRACE: Special Appearances By: Ben Hughes (aka ObviouslyBenHughes): Jessica Lizama (aka ExoticJess): Grace Helbig (aka DailyGrace): Special Thanks to Martin Arvebro ( for the Fit Tip intro. FITNESS MAKES YOU AGELESS


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