Find your love ep2 Season 1 Nicole’s dad and loley’s relationship Part 1

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Cashier-u got it theres a table*points to one* Go ahead and take ur seat and ur waiter will come soon Nick-thx*him and nicole walk to the table* Nicole-isnt this expensive Nick-yea but I am rich so I dont rlly care*smiles* Nicole-*laughs then stops* Ur lucky ur rich its hard when u have a lot of bills and have to pay for school*looks down* Its rlly hard but at least u have family to be there for u Nick-*feels bad and abt to talk* Nicole-but who cares abt my life where here to have fun right? Nick-yea Waiter-*comes what would u like* Nick and Nicole-*order from the menu they saw on top of the table* Nick-soooo tell me abt ur life Nicole-y dont u start? Nick-My life is boring Im rich and thats pretty much it Nicole-oh well my mom and dad fought and she left and never came back and now my dad is always pressured on paying the bills of the house car and for school Nick-oh hey I can give u money like no prob I can help u if u want Nicole-oh no I couldnt do that Nick-no I insist call it a friendly gesture Nicole-okay*smiles wide* Thx Nick Nick-np*smiles wide back* Nicole-hey this is the first time I saw u smile wide Nick-*blushes* Nicole-and your blushing how cute*laughs* Waiter-*brings there food and leaves* *9 minutes later there done eating* Nick-Hey ive seen movies and mostly when a poor girls mom is gone the dad gets drunk and beats thier daughter has that umm ever happend to you Nicole-*looks away and looks back* No my dad is a good no Great Father*gets up and <b>…<b>


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