Fat to Fit – Ray Burtons Fat Loss Program For Men

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Back in 1999, I was a soldier in Bosnia. My commanding officers knew that I was into working out, so on a whim they asked me to design a workout program they could use to help some of the overweight guys to lose body fat and get stronger at the same time.

Now, these officers were the kind of hard nosed, no B.S. guys you’d expect in the Army and they wouldn’t take any excuses – I HAD no choice but to get these guys results right away.

So I had to put together a killer workout plan these guys could do 3 times a week, and each workout had to fit in our tight schedule, so I was limited to workouts that were less than 40 minutes long…

I dug up some of my old workouts and pulled out my best fat burning and muscle building workouts and put them into an 8 week plan for the officers.

Their idea of getting soldiers to lose weight involved running 10 miles a day, and eating less than 1200 calories… Not exactly a "fun" or effective way to get in shape in my eyes.

And not to mention every guy that did it "their way" lost a ton of muscle mass in the process and ended up looking like a scrawny marathon runner. I don’t know about you, but I’d never wanna look like that…

Once I got the overweight guys started on the new plan, the results they saw in just a few weeks were mind blowing! Literally I had never seen anything like this.

These were everyday, normal guys who liked to eat pizza and have a few beers. Each of them were at least 15-30 lbs overweight, and NONE of these guys had ever seen real results before with their workouts…

At the end of the program, my fellow soldiers had fat losses of 19 lbs, 27 lbs and 22.5 lbs! And on top of that, all of them lost fat AND also built rock solid muscle at the same time!

A few years later, when I decided to go after my dream and become a personal trainer, I ended up putting all of my new clients through this same "Fat To Fit" program.

Sometimes the measurements are not important, only how you feel. Graydon feels great in his new body!

I just wanted to share that with you and thank you. This is the best shape I have been in ever. I couldn’t have done it without you, your book, and your patience with the multitude of questions I asked you! Again, thanks for everything Ray, this has been a life changing experience for me and I have gotten results from your workout I never thought I could have. I got down to 10% bodyfat! You were always willing to help me out with a question and in some cases wrote a full page article about my concern. Keep up the great work! You made me feel like a friend more than a client or subscriber…


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