Fat Is Not Your Fault – When Diet And Exercise Aren’t Working

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Here are a few video clips taken directly from the Fat Is Not Your Fault program. You will receive access to over 10 hours of videos just like these.

Here is a short summary of how certain metabolic issues can cause a decrease in energy production in all the cells of your body . . .

“Dr. Bryan Walsh is my go-to guy. His knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry is exceptional. His system of testing for – and correcting – physiological disturbances is second to none. On top of this, he’s a great guy that really cares for his patients. Seriously, Dr Walsh is the real deal. And I highly recommend his programs.”

“Dr Bryan Walsh has been on my personal advisory panel for a long time. I believe in using every advantage there is to help my clients (and myself) and naturopathic medicine has always been part of my approach. Dr Walsh knows his information inside and out — but more importantly knows how to APPLY the topic and help real people get better, faster results. Make sure you have him on your radar!”

“Bryan is the expert that experts turn to.  What had been “I don’t know” is now “let’s go talk to doc Walsh.”  From GI health, to adrenal function, to body comp to performance to everything between, being able to bring Bryan in has been a boon for troubleshooting and optimizing.”

When it comes to weight loss, there are no quick-fixes, magic supplements, or “Secrets your doctor doesn’t want you to know about”

“I watched your video and really enjoyed the “old school” whiteboard presentation. Since I am an old schooler it was nice to see a person talking to you and writing on the board – just like when I went to school! You were very clear, concise, and made a potentially difficult subject easy to understand. I would recommend your video to any of my interested clients! Thank you for sharing!” (K. Carriker)

“Love the videos. As someone with a good background with this stuff (Exercise Science, Certified PN Nutrition Coach) I learned a few things. The diagrams were especially helpful as well.” (M. Shields)

“You do a great job of breaking a complex into an understandable and manageable subject.” (E. Bollock)

“Loved the videos. Especially loved the glucose tolerance graphing and the stages of insulin resistance. You are a great teacher.” (T. Ganem)

Clearly you put a lot of work into this, it is very detailed video and quite informative.  I’ll have to watch it another 2-3 times to make sure I get all the info down.  Great work.” (P. Gagnon)

“I thought the new video was very good. About 20 mins in I was worried it might be too technical for me, but it all tied together well by the end.” (I. Little)

“This is fantastic, Dr. Walsh. Helps give tools to verbally…


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