Fat Cat Holly Weighing 18 Pounds Goes Swimming In Pet Resort Pool To Lose Weight !!

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The owner of Holly the cat is taking her for routine swims in hopes that Holly will shed some of those extra cat pounds. The 13-year-old feline that weighs 18 pounds — about twice the weight of an average house cat — has been going for regular swims at the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Dulles, Virginia, since May 2012.Holly wears a life vest to keep her from sinking. The pool at Olde Town is usually reserved for dogs, but Holly has been allowed to join them as she shows off her kitty-paddling. Hollys owner Dani Lawhorne was trying to figure out a way to get her obese pet cat some excercise when she gave the pool a try. Lawhorne works at Olde Towne and says she thought her cat would take to the water because she doesnt fuss too much during baths. It was more an experiment than anything, Ruiz-McPherson told TODAY.com. (Lawhorne) saw that the cat didnt get too upset when she gave it baths, so she thought, I wonder what would happen if I threw her butt in the pool? Lawhorne is reportedly hoping her cat can drop six or seven pounds to get down to a healthy weight. The cat comes to the Olde Town pool about every other week. The rest of the time, she relaxes at home watching Maury Povichs daytime talk show and moves around as little as possible. When I was talking to the owner, she said what the cat loves to do is lay in blankets all day long and watch TV, and her favorite show is when Maury Povich does the paternity test, Ruiz-McPherson said.


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