Fat Burning Cardio Workout

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Lindsay tried everything to lose her belly fat. Nothing worked until she found THIS: insanehomefatloss.com Mike here with insanehomefatloss, Thanks for tuning in, we have a pretty powerful and fun cardio planned for today. The exercises in this video will activate tons of muscles due to the explosive movements, youll see your metabolism rise and muscles tone up in no time. Youll also notice that Lindsey is able to talk along the whole video, being still able to talk while heavy breathing is a very good sign that you are at your target heart rate. (Fat burning zone) So Lets save the talking for now and get going on the workout! Get ready for a Fat destroying, core constructing, love handle melting, bringing sexy back ab workout! Lindsey is going to demonstrate to for you the exact ab routine I actually used to transform my own body. This video is very special to me, just remembering doing them when I was still trying to get in shape is pretty cool. I hope one day you have the same feeling when your watching this video too. Video Description: 0:13 Cardio Workout Breakdown 1. Burpee w 5 mountain climber = 1 rep – 10 reps 2. Air Jacks – 10 reps 3. Butt Kicks – 20 reps 3 Rounds Total Everybody does cardio, but why are some not getting any results? Well the answer is that there are different types of results depended on how you do the cardio. Many out there are actually gaining cardiovascular endurance results instead of fat burning results they are looking for. So pay close <b>…<b>


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