FAQ – Should you eat a Raw Vegan diet?

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Support Running Raw – Donate – bit.ly . Get Tims AudioBook "Turbo Charge Your Life!" bit.ly How to lose weight, get fit, succeed on a diet, deal with obstacles and change your life. . —– . Welcome to Tim Van Ordens Running Raw Project. In this episode: Tim answers the question of the day "Should I go raw?" . Youd be surprised how many times people ask whether or not it would be a good idea to go raw. Like its some kind of life transformation, rather than making simple dietary adjustments. . While Tim is a huge advocate of eating large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, hes no longer a big fan of labels like raw foodist or raw vegan or frutarian or low fat raw vegan. One should commit to making healthy choices rather than committing to a dietary ideology or dogma. . —– . Click here to check out Tim Van Ordens race results – runningraw.com . Click here to check out the Running Raw Blog – runningraw.com . Click here to like the Running Raw Facebook page – www.facebook.com . Click here to subscribe to Tim Van Ordens Facebook updates – www.facebook.com


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