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As seen in and on Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Living Clean, Roger’s Network Transformation Challenge and Inside Fitness

Hi, I’m Patrick McGuire, founder of Empowered Nutrition Systems and the creator of the Empowered Nutrition Transformation System.  As a nutritionist, coach, trainer and fitness model my articles and pictures have appeared in some of the most respected health and fitness publications in the world… and a few calendars too.

I am not trying to brag (but it’s nice to stroke my own ego from time to time…) but my nutrition and fitness programs have helped people from all walks of life achieve phenomenal results.

From slapping on 20+ pounds of muscle onto a skinny struggling athlete, to getting a committed couch potato to lose over 96 pounds of fat in 20 weeks.  I have spent more than a decade (almost 2) helping people change their lives and bodies.

I  have the honour to work with and transform non-athletes and professional athletes, even non-athletes into professional athletes.  I’ve been a SECRET WEAPON for movie stars and rock stars and even stay at home mom’s and dad’s around the world.

I am also a very lucky guy to be able to put my knowledge to work as a competitive bodybuilder; and I am blessed with the horrendous Irish genetics that forces me to listen to my own advice.

If you are interested in losing as much fat as possible in the shortest possible time, in the comfort of your own home, before you start your day or after the kids go to bed without endless hours of boring cardio, fancy equipment or expensive supplements, then this will be the most important letter you ever read in your entire life.

As I mentioned, I am Patrick McGuire.  I am a world-renowned Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and author of too many articles to count in magazines like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscular Development, Flex magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Shape, Oxygen, Inside Fitness and others.

I’ve developed a revolutionary new fat loss system with a focus on nutrition and fitness called “Empowered Transformation Systems”, which focuses on nutrition, more specifically on fat loss for busy men and women such as students, executives, and parents with young children to get the most results in the least amount of time.

Empowered Nutrition is scientifically proven to deliver powerful proven results, especially when combined with Empowered Training.  It is endorsed and even promoted by elite trainers and top fitness magazines, and has been used by thousands of men and women for burning fat, increasing muscle and improving your health and energy at the same time.

“Patrick your program is all I need to be the champion.  I never looked better than after working with you for the first time in my life I was totally injury free with more energy than ever and was exactly what I needed to regain my title.”

“This is exactly what I needed to get in top…


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