Eenie Meanie *chapter 11*

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hey heres chapter 11..ill try post 2 episodes kk :).. and i wanna give shout outs in my next video :)Ox ——————————————————- justin-well eh ii- jessica-justin will you just say wat your goin to say gosh its really making annoyed…. justin-dont be mad- jessica-why?? justin-well its my mom she eh- jessica-justin im not waiting here all day… justin-ok we got an ARRANGED MARRAIGE!!!!!!!….. jessica-what!!!!!!!!!!!-mad- justin-dont be mad there announcing it in a week thats why we can run-run away from its kinda awkward the next part… jessica-why?? justin-we eh have to have a baby too… jessica-ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-screams so loud- justin-holds his ears- jessica-goes quite- justin-so can we talk now?? jessica-sure.. justin-ive got a plan lets pretend we already got married .. jessica-justin bieber you are my hero -hugs him- justin-aighht i know shawty-winks- jessica-wipes a rear off her face- so what will i do?? justin-ok so heres the plan ok pretend we got married..oh yo shawty gonaa eat more to gain weight and pretend your pregnant and then you lose the baby after like 6 weeks and then bam we cant work out cause we lost the baby and cant cope.. jessica-smirks- me likey,,,. justin-exactly-oh wait we HAVE to kiss.. jessica-no uh that not-justin kisses her… jessica-pulls away- justin-leans in again- jessica-leans in – THEY KISS :O 1 week later- AT THE APPARTMENT- justin-so hows you babe jessica-i feel fat,.. justin-duh your <b>…<b>


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