Dreamworld: A Jemi, Nelena, Kashley Story Ep 9 S 2

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——————- Previously on Dreamworld Demi- Im worried about Nick Selena- can we not talk about him? Demi- whats wrong Selena- Im just really worried about him he has never been so sick before Demi- yeah its even taking a physical effect on him Selena- are you saying he is ugly? (smiles) Demi- no I mean like he is losing a lot of weight Selena- I noticed that too Demi- hes strong hell get through what ever it is. ————————————————————————————– Selena- yeahbe right back Demi watches Selena walk into the bathroom and goes into the kitchen to get some Apple Juice and after 3 minutes she knocks on the door of the bathroom Demi- Selena? Selena- (voice sounding unclear) yes? Demi- are you okay? Selena- (opens door and walks out and smiles weakly with red eyes) yeah Im fine! Demi- (hugs Selena) oh Selena its alright trust me everything will turn out right! Selena- its hard because I knew that something has been wrong with him for a while but I just ignored it, hes had a bad attitude a lot lately, he hasnt been eating much which resulted in the weight lose and the night of the party he just suddenly feels sick something not right (starts heavily tearing up) I just know it (lets go on Demi) Demi- listen we just need to pull through until we really know the truth, you cant be negative because somehow things will be alright I can feel it, will you trust me? Selena- (looks down and wipes tears) you better be right (looks <b>…<b>


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