Diet Vs Exercise -Which Is More Important?

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1 strange tip to lose fat: Hi Its Mike Chang with insanehomefatloss, Thank you so much for joining us again for another great episode. Today we will explain the importance of exercise and diet and how they directly affect each other. Lindsey will explain how dieting will only take you so far and vice versa with exercise. We will explain why people fall into these terrible fad diet cycles or why many of us workout all the time and might see little or no results. So check out the video and enjoy. Video Breakdown: 0:12 Fitness Facts – 3x a week you will get great results – 7x a week even more results, by affecting other factors. 0:33 Diet Facts – 75% of weight loss 1:06 Combining Diet with Exercise – burn even more calories – Build nice curve and sculpt tone body – raise natural metabolism 1:42 Why exercise when it only accounts for 25% of results? – All or nothing believe – skiping workouts cause you to mentally stop dieting. – When you workout, you tend to eat well for the rest of the day and after. Workouts are a constant internal reminder for yourself to stay on a diet. Trust me! Do you know anyone that is always on a diet and rarely works out, or on the opposite end… someone that workouts but never diets? Well In this video we are going to show you why some of these people who only do one without the other always seems to be on a terrible yo-yo diet or is often on an "off and on" workouts regimen. Dieting and exercise depends on each other <b>…<b>


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