Diet & Fitness Routine + Workout Fashion!

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Check Out pvBody here Dont take this video too seriously… Im a nineteen year old beauty vlogger not a fitness couch. People ask me to do a diet & fitness routine all the time and I never do, but I figured Id just be honest. As you can see, I dont have muscle! Im naturally tiny, so I cant give you advice how to lose weight.. but what I can say is to eat healthier and stay away from greasy foods! If you are small like me, try yoga! Its great for anyone who wants to clear their mind and get rid of stress. :) I hope you dont take any of my jokes the wrong way, I was just bein silly :p Mmm doughnuts. Please follow me! :D INSTAGRAM: ittybittyannie Twitter: Facebook Fan Page: Tumblr: Business Email: FTC: PvBody sent me the first top and bottom for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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