Diet Coke Hunk is back in latest TV Ad Girls

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British model Andrew Cooper appears in Diet Colas new ad, and he sizzles. The commercial is making women of all ages swoon, especially his wife. "She loves it. Its been on replay a lot," Cooper said on "Good Morning America" today. "I travel a lot so its her way of having me at home when Im away." The commercial marks the 30th anniversary of the drink and features an updated take on the companys memorable 1994 commercial that featured hunky Lucky Vanous. In that ad, Vanous played a construction worker who would cool off every day with a Diet Coke. What he didnt know that a group of women in a nearby office building had made watching his Diet Coke break their daily activity. Of course, Vanous appeared shirtless. In the updated version, Cooper plays a gardener. Hes seen pushing a lawnmower while a group of nearby women ogles him shamelessly. One of the women sends a can of Diet Coke rolling down a hill. He picks it up, opens it and the contents come shooting out, spraying his shirt — so he removes it, revealing his well-muscled chest. The womens jaws drop. "The reactions been great. Its only been out a while, but theres definitely been a lot of hype towards it. Its been a great thing," Cooper said. Vanous was 33 years old when he appeared in the classic Diet Coke commercial. The former Nebraska native stood 6-foot-2. He had served as an Army Ranger. His counterpart, Cooper, stands 6-foot-1. He runs a pet boutique. "Im just a lucky guy … right place, right <b>…<b>


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