Diet Coke Commercial – Don’t like. Love! || (Music by: Josue Escobedo)

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This is a promotional commercial that has the musical background "Gladness" by Josue Escobedo, this commercial was made to "Diet CokeCoca-Cola Light 2012 Video Contest". Josue Escobedo Networks: – Facebook: – Twitter: – Myspace: – Soundcloud: All footage is property of Marco Echanove; with the exception of the Logos owned by "The Coca-Cola Company". All logos of this commercial remain property of "The Coca-Cola Company". Music & samples is property of "Josue Escobedo". "Diet Coke Commercial – Dont like. Love!" By Marco Echanove "Gladness (Original mix)" By Josue Escobedo 2012 All Rights Reserved. (Mexico).


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