Day 13 – Been to the Doctors with Hugo

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Hello! Its Tuesday, mid-morning and weve just had a little trip to the doctors, me and Hugo, just to check that everything is OK, because hes still a little bit off his food but all the signs say hes OK. Hes less snotty, hes smiling away, hes sleeping well, everything like that is normal but hes just off his food so, Im a little bit concerned about that because hes visibly losing weight, not sort of tons but hes definitely getting slimmer round the cheeks. Yeah — all fine, got the all clear. Chests all clear. Obviously one of those things. If it goes on theyll want to see him again but Im hoping maybe because hes quite chilled out maybe hes just not needing so many calories. As you can tell, Im still feeling a little bit rubbish. Its just a cold, Ill get over it but its a bore.


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