Cure [Nelena One-Shot] Part 2-3

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He comes to sleep over on the first day in my new dorm. "Why dont we talk as much as we used too?" I ask. "Weve already said everything that needs to be said." he replies. He rolls over and buries himself in the sheets like a caterpillar building a cocoon. "Gnight." " Night." I say back, knowing that the conversation is over. Shortly after I turn off the lights, I hear what sounds like sniffling, crying. I turn on my lamp and suddenly his wet eyes are lit up by the fluorescent lighting. He quickly wipes away a tear and laughs, embarrassed. "Nick, is everything okay?" I ask desperately. "Its nothing. I dont know what got over me. Just go back to sleep, kay?" I ignore his request. "Do you want to talk about it?" He sighs and the fake-smile disappears from his face. "Theres no point, theres nothing you can do." His eyes are lost, fists clenched tightly. I draw him a map with my finger on his neck. "I love you; we can get through whatevers bothering you together." My voice begs him to talk to me. He looks away. "But at least theres a cure for love." he murmurs under his breath. "What?" "Nothing," he replies. "Nothing at all." ————– We go to Wonderland again. "This time we dont have to line up in the singles line," he says proudly. I laugh and slap his arm playfully. He won another gorilla for me. I named it Nate. Hes carrying it on his shoulders as I browse which ride I want to ride like a child window-shopping in a candy-store. After much begging, I <b>…<b>


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