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Lyrics: Verse 1: You gotta talk ounces, pounds, and kilos B If you tryna meet with me Any miscalculation Then expect to see the EMT Explosive when it comes to beats Neck strapped with TNT Laying lames under siege Plan for Hellz Tundra ENT You still coppin aga piece I grab an O to smoke at least Anybody tryna match You know exact, where the crewll be 210, these other niggas soft And we abuse them New rims, will attract ya girl And a couple of new friends Probably a couple of new clients And I dont mind if you buyin But any nigga reach his hand in the pot Ill let the tool fry him Cause Im sick Seems the rest of ya crew lyin Saying you the shit But watch you flop like Shamu divin My Cds come with labels That say contents under pressure I got buttons, press em Reaction time less than a second I find a nigga slippin Anyone test him , I grip the weapon Have him shaking in his timbs Staring down the Smith & Wesson So, next lesson You never bite the hand that feeds The Sig spark And light your ass up like a Christmas tree And if you picking out stems You better be picking out the seeds Last thing I need is no heir From infertility Verse 2: I been young and famous The money is all I need Kid Sebastian tried to play me And got found under the sea Ashton was getting gravy And tried burnin up my cheese So I caught him on the corner The 4 made his body cease These niggas act lazy And talk like they down to do it Ill leave em like a baby Encased in his body fluids Jay said we make the <b>…<b>


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