Clearing Confusion: how to lose weight fast

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A lot of people have been commenting my "how to lose weight fast" video saying its fake and its not really me. Since you cant see my tattoos in every picture, and Im tan and the end… and since the end is live footage and not pictures like the beginning. Like I mentioned I had just got my computer and just started my channel I didnt think anyone would actually gravitate towards my video thats why I was so short and non specific. I was just playing around with the voice over, and adding pictures and video together. Had I taken those pictures in mind that people would see I would probably have taken full body before and after with my face included. Or I would have started my "slim down Series" then and shown my progress along the way. But by the time my channel was created I had already had my results and thankful that I have pictures to prove it. Thank you so much to the people who give such wonderful inspiring comments and share their experiences with weight loss and those who tell me I motivate them to start getting fit and healthy it really means a lot. and I wish you all nothing but the best. Even those who are still unsure.. theres not much I can do but this video here with more pictures different locations, outfits, hair styles, some with glasses some without. Thank you all for subbing and being apart of my channel. :) vajac


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