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Incredible Offer: Today Is Your Lucky Day…We Are Making Our Chi Power Plus Book Available For You To Learn The Secrets of Chi Energy Manipulation

Move objects with Chi Power without touching them * Move an object with your eyes only * Extinguish a candle flame with your eyes only * For speed faster than a cat, try this test * Lift a bowl of water with Yin Chi * Learn how to make select breaks * Ring the chimes with a Yang Chi throw * Repel bird, dogs, with your eyes onlyCov

Special Skills …."We have trained people from every corner of the earth, and now you can know for certain, that you can become a Qigong or Chi Power Practitioner that others will revere."!

If you really could do all of the amazing things listed above, you would want to do them wouldn’t you? Well, since 1980 we have been instructing people to develop those skills and many others…….

Harnessing your internal Chi Energy is no more difficult than any other skill, you just have to know how to do the technique and use your body the way God created it to be used……..

We’ve personally spent a combined total of close to 50 years learning this material at a cost of thousands of hours, not to mention the financial cost to travel and learn these techniques. Some of these techniques were taught to us overseas at a very great expense! Some of these techniques, we had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn from those who knew them!

Now if you think this is a bunch of hogwash or hocus pocus, just leave right now and possibly miss out on the opportunity to learn something truly unique, not the same old garbage that is on the Net day after day………

Our Advanced Chi Training System Is The Only Curriculum To Teach The Real "Closed Door" Methods.

This Could be Your Lucky Day when you Take Advantage of this very special limited time offer!!

This Manuscript contain so much information, that you will be amazed at how easily you’ll pick up these unique concepts, methods and tactics to increase your Chi Energy.

(Notice: This is the same course that professional magicians, mentalists and others have studied)

As you sit there and start to read these words, you will have a feeling of excitement come over you as you realize that you have an opportunity right in front of you to get information that has been closely guarded for centuries at a price that is less than a night out in the big city!

When you study every word of this information you will be stunned at what you’ll learn… Spend 5 minutes reading this info and I’ll show you some things that you will see a tremendous amount of value in.

You are willing to study the information in this book, train with the information at least 30 minutes per day, and believe that it will work for you…..

Some People Say They Want Skills, But…


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