Bye Bye Cankles – A 4 Step Plan for Getting Rid of Your Cankles

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You take pride in how your body looks and how you feel. You exercise and eat right but still have that Cankle look.

That is not the life you want. You want to be proud of your body. This includes your lower legs as well.

Sadly this is a problem that is affecting more and more people each year. The problem keeps getting worse and many people just don’t know what to do about it. Do you feel this way?

Losing Cankles can seem nearly impossible. The problem lies in many areas but one is because of industry and business. It seems like there are many products found on TV that claim to eliminate Cankles but fail to deliver. From foot spa tubs to using electric impulses that shock your legs, how can you ever get the help you want?

According to some experts up to 25% of the population suffers from some sort of edema or swollen lower leg condition. Thousands of people possibly suffering with this problem just like you.

Another reason for having Cankles could be attributed to weight gain and an unhealthy diet. Fact is, the more salt in your diet the more water you body retains. That water has to go somewhere and some people become bloated in their legs.

Your genetic make up could pay a role in you having Cankles. However since ByeByeCankles was launched we have only had 3 people claim ByeByeCankles did not help them. All three of these people made this claim one week after buying our product. Question is…Did they even try using the information offered in the ByeByeCankles program?

You may see yourself as one of those people who can’t be helped. You may be a person who hates to show off their legs because of Cankles. Truth is your not alone and you don’t need to hide your beauty. You deserve more….

They do everything they can but often too quickly. Never allowing the their body to respond to the actions they take.

Then there are those who simply give up or don’t even try. Since its launch a year ago ByeByeCankles has offered a real solution. However we still have had our share of doubters. In the last year only 3 people out of all the people that have used ByeByeCankles have said they did not get the results they wanted.

Our response: We refunded each of these 3 people one week after they bought ByeByeCankles. One customer said “I tried your product and it did not work.” As with anything there is no overnight magic pill, product or machine that will eliminate Cankles.

You may not believe me but I was like you at one point in my life. Not to long ago. I was skinny but had large swollen ankles all the time. Since we have winter where I live most of the year I did not worry about anyone seeing my legs.

I was embarrassed to show my legs uncovered even to my husband…


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