Breaking News:How I Lost Weight- Weight Loss and Healthy Living

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Here is more information on the news abouton weight loss: "It is clear from statistics that a majority of people in developed countries are overweight. What is less commonly known is that many of them have a variety of skin problems besides other assorted health issues. Attempts to lose weight using certain approaches can also have a dramatic effect on the beauty of the skin. However, many popular diets actually have the opposite effect, causing a flare up of skin conditions.It is important to point out that there is a very popular misconception that avoiding foots rich with fats causes overweight conditions, and that the popular way to diet and lose weight is to avoid greasy, fat-laden foods. But this is not really correct. Low-fat diets lack essential fatty acids that promote weight loss and also provide superb nourishment for the skin. Low-fat diets are usually too high in carbohydrates, whose calories are immediately turned into body fat if they are not burned off for energy. Besides that, fats in foods make you feel full far longer than their higher caloric content contributes to weight …" Click here to learn more about weight loss


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