Bodybuilding Motivation – Weight loss abs – Body Transformation Before and After

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ASK ME QUESTIONS ON TWITTER: @FinanceJack My weight gain and muscle transformation and how to lose weight fast. Read more… Total Time: 21 months 147 lbs — 176 lbs 67 kg — 80 kg This is my story from Sept 2010 to June 2012. I had a goal to become healthier. I started training and it changed my life for the better. With good nutrition my body transformed. I have never felt better. Body Transformation If enough people are interested I will post up my workouts, supplements and diet routines. Im happy to answer questions so just leave a comment. Disclaimer: All music and images belong to their rightful owners. I do not own any of the music, images, or clips used in any of my videos. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. Ignore: my body transformation ripped inspiration motivation bodybuilding six pack abs arnold schwarzenegger jay cutler olympia gym best muscle fitness training chest working out powerlifting worship barbell definition pull ups push record fly machine sports weights lifting heavy hard core most muscular running cardio how to get biceps squat deadlift bench press scooby exercise terminator zhasni 2010 new building zyzz video mass possing and flexing big fast loss weight power no steroid natural p90x


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