BIPN 105 Fluid Balance (Histamine, ADH, Adenosine) Part 1

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NOTE: SOUND QUALITY MAY BE BAD!! Subtitles are available via the CC button. BIPN 105 Symposium Project: The Private Detective PART 2 HERE: Topic: Fluid Balance with Histamine, ADH, and Adenosine treatments. The intention of this video was to present our lab data at our undergraduate Mammalian Physiology Lab symposium. We were given free reign as to how we can present it and to have fun with it, so we decided to it in the form of a mini television drama. Keep in mind that the goal of this video was to present our lab data (effects of histamine, adenosine, and ADH) as well as the general pathways. Commercial, Infomercial, and Miss America pageant segments were sequenced andor edited by Carolyn Vu. Mystery drama segment was edited by me. Synopsis: A body of a woman thought to have died of Heroin overdose at first glance is revealed to have overdosed in histamine. It was believed to be a homocide and as such, the search for the culprit is on. However, the search proved fruitless. Thus, the help of a private detective was needed. This took one week to film, edit, narrate, edit music, editadd sfx, add transitions + vfx. All filming was done on a Nikon S8100 set to record at 720P 1280×720 frame, and a Canon powershot (unknown settings). Thus, sound quality is not as great as we hoped, but what can we do? This was our equipment available. Ill try to uploadmake some subtitles sometime soon. Music used: – Slow Moon Groove by Avien (Streets of Rage 2 remix <b>…<b>


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