Bikini Fat Burn: Flat Tummy Circuit

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Loading .... 4 Flat Tummy Moves to tighten your abs and boost your metabolism. Add at the end of your full body resistance training workout or after your Intervals session. Super charge your bikini ready body results with a flat tummy workout! Add this flat tummy circuit to your Bikini Fat Burn workout routine to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you tighten and tone your tummy! This circuit of 4 flat tummy moves are moves are designed to challenge all the muscles that wrap around your core plus incorporate your upper and lower body so your work more muscles and burn more calories! All you need is a mat and a medicine ball (or a DB). Oh yeahand be prepared to work with intensity! This not only supercharges your metabolism but means your workouts are done in a flash! How To Use Bikini Fat Burn Flat Tummy Exercises Perform these 4 moves in a row with little to no rest between moves. You can add this circuit to your current resistance training plan, right after you complete a challenging round of intervals or use it alone if time is short. Burn More Belly Fat! Just to clarify – no amount of ab exercises will burn the fat off your belly. This thinking is tied to the myth of spot reduction. Fat loss is a total body process. When you workout in ways that boost your metabolism using Full Body Resistance Training Moves (yes, like Fit Yummy Mummys 16 week workout plan) – you will begin to lose more inches, look more defined and toned plus have an <b>…<b>


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