Best Fat burn exercise – Christmas holidays Workout – Lose weight

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The best exercise to lose weight during the Christmas holidays. -Keep your back straight, chest out and head turned to the middle. – With a slow but decisive movement, turn your head to one side. – Do this exercise for the opposite side and repeat it many times while saying: "No thank you" at the same time to whoever offers you food! All joking aside, during the holiday season do not deprive yourself the pleasure of celebrating it. Eat the typical dishes of the period together with the persons you love. The difference for your physical condition and wellness depends on the good habits that we suggest you follow and keep during most of the year. And remember that quantity is the real "poison" ! Therefore enjoy this holiday season without worries…..well take care of the weight loss exercises, all you have to do is follow us on our YouTube channels and download our applications for free and…get back into shape ;-) Happy holidays to all of you and thanks for all your support. P4P Team


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