Beginners Weightloss and Toning Program

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This routine combines basic athletic moves into a high- energy aerobic workout. Youll maximize your calorie- burning potential with Gilads motivating emphasis on action and attention to becoming more intense. The combination of mostly low with some high-impact moves give you an "A" rated fat burning workout Length: 45 min. Type: Aerobic Level: Intermediate to Advanced 10. Split Routine Volume 2 Toning. A perfect complement to Volume 1, this volume concentrates on strengthening and toning all major muscle groups of your body. From standing to floor exercises you will start noticing muscles you didnt know existed as you begin sculpting a wonderful new physique. The cool down takes place during a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. Length: 45 min. Type: Aerobic and Toning Level: Intermediate Format: DVD only (works in all countries)


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