Before and After Weight Loss: How I lost weight from 2008 until now

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Read my story on: . In March 2008, I was 141 pounds at 51. I decided I wanted to shed some weight, so I started to go on the South Beach diet. Along with the south beach diet, I was on for 14 days, I worked out excessively fo three times a week. After I was off of the South Beach diet, I continuet to reject carbohydrates and only ate salads and Omeletes 3 times a day. In December of 2008, before the new yearI reached my goal and reached mi lowest weight of 105lbs. It is March of 2009, and I gained 5 punds, Im 110 pounds now. Im aimint to go down to even lower, 102lbs by Mai of 2009. Loosing weight, howerver made me a different, more confident person. I motivated myself and did not stop until I was happy. Im so glad I made my goal and Im a happier person now :-) Read more:


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