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Allow me to be blunt – I am not here to BS you and claim that I have discovered “the holy grail” of training programs and nutrition. I am not going to tell you it’s possible to transform your body overnight. I am not going to attempt to convince you that I have discovered something “magical, revolutionary, and top secret”. We all know such claims are complete and total BS.

I am, however, going to reveal to you the programs and no nonsense information I have used with my clients for years that never fail to produce incredible body transforming results. Yes, real peoplehave actually performed these programs and used the accompanying information.

Beautiful Badass – [byoo-tuh-fuhl bad-ass] A female that lifts heavy weights, trains primarily with big compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, presses, push-ups, and chin-ups and focuses on getting stronger and improving her performance. A woman who isn’t afraid of getting stronger in the gym and stepping out of her comfort zone by challenging herself on a regular basis. She doesnot use shaping and toning exercises performed with baby weights for high reps. She is a sight to see working away in the gym and she carries that same sense of achievement and confidence outside of the gym as well.

A Beautiful Badass knows it takes consistent work and dedication to build a healthier, better looking body and that it doesn’t happen overnight. Because she trains hard and eats smart, she builds a strong, lean, and healthy body that increases her self confidence. The Beautiful Badass is armed with the necessary information to get maximum results in minimum time.

In addition, the Beautiful Badass does not diet because she follows simple, no nonsense nutrition information that allows her to build a better looking, stronger, leaner, and healthier body without any stressful diet information.

Simply put, Beautiful Badass is for the woman who wants real results from training. She demands simple, no nonsense, stress-free information she can apply to her strength training, nutrition and life. It’s also for the woman who wants a wide variety of training programs.

Now that you know who should get Beautiful Badass, let’s take a look at who should not get Beautiful Badass:

Beautiful Badass is not a “creation”. It is a collection of the most effective information and training programs I have used over the years with my clients. And my clients demand maximum results in minimum time.

I have a goal – to help as many women as possible build the body they want in a simple, no nonsense way. I can only train so many people every day and consult with individuals online. By compiling all of the information and training programs I use with my clients into one package, I can help many more women.

I also understand that most people cannot afford to hire me either in person or via an online consultation – and that is why I am releasing Beautiful Badass.

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