Attack The Fat!

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You spend hours mixing and matching… dark pants… ruffled tops… elastic waistbands… vertical stripes…

Because… no matter how you dress it up, you look in the mirror and it’s still there…

Anxious at parties… meetings… or anytime a social get together leaves you “looked at” and feeling exposed.

Self-conscious every time you try on a little black dress, itsy bitsy bikini… or anything else fun and exciting…

Insecure in the bedroom… too uncomfortable to leave the lights on and playfully slip your clothes off in front “him…” or “her.”

And the worst part is… your Mom… your sister… your friends who’ve never battled with their weight…

Now… we’re not talking about “Biggest Loser” sized problems here. We’re just talking 30… 15… even 10 little extra pounds.

Those extra pounds and inches keep you from living the life of your dreams… full of romance… friendships… and boundless “body confidence…”

And what I’m about to share with you will chew apart every fat loss gospel that’s ever been preached to you.

It will disgust you… shock you… and like it did for me… leave you in the best shape of your life… in only 12 short weeks.

Because on this page, I also reveal the breathtaking story of two best friends who went from drab to fab… in a one-on-one competition to get the bikini bodies of their dreams.

In a moment… you’ll even hear from them personally, as they share their amazing journeys.

But, before we get to all of the juicy details… I need you to take one big look at this revealing number…

That’s how much greedy corporations slice out of our pockets every single year. There’s the pills… the potions… the gizmos… the gadgets… and let’s not forget the tasteless cardboard box food! But no matter what fancy name they slap on their latest creation… or how big the sticker shock… their empty promises are not going to work.

They’re never going to give you the gift of permanent fat loss. And there’s a good reason for that. You see…

They don’t cram their coffers by selling you a single diet program. No… the REAL money… the billions come from what happens “next…”

Flip on the TV and there’s a good chance you’ll see their commercials touting how “delicious” their food is.

But here’s something you won’t hear coming out of the mouths of their celebrity spokes-models…

According to Business Week, a large percentage of Nutrisystem™ dieters quit and… “About one-third come back within a year, many having regained the weight.”

One of the most profitable diet companies is L.A. weightloss™. They’re notorious for selling with dirty tricks not uncommon in the industry.

Rather than give unbiased weight loss advice… their in-store “diet counselors” are really just high-pressure sales clerks paid in commissions.

What do Butterfingers™, KitKat™ bars, and Toll House™ Cookies have in common with Jenny Craig?

Disturbingly… they’re all owned by the same company: $130 billion…


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