Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Dreamfields Pasta

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I have been asked about Dreamfields Pasta quite often by viewers, especially in my Italian low carb recipe videos. There has been quite a lot of press about Dreamfields and whether or not their method to listing digestible carbs is correct. A number of notable low carbs and one particular study specifically showed it having the same impact as regular pasta: I had always accepted the fact that my response would have been the same. Today I wanted to test that assumption and was meticulous with my preparation, so that no one could say I broke the prebiotic matrix surrounding the carbohydrates by over cooking it. I tested for 2 hours after the first consumption, and I was surprised by the result. My blood glucose did not change by more than 5 points from the initial 67 reading on the glucometer. I still dont plan on featuring it in my recipe videos as I know many of my viewers cant consume it yet being a latter OWL-phase food, but it is nice to know that the option does exist for my two Atkins-following kids who are not sensitive to gluten. One of the things I still need to do is do a similar taste against regular pasta. I will be sure to post the results here.


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