Ashton Kutcher Does The Fruitarian Diet Parody – graphic language.

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Dr McDougall explains Steve Jobbs health history. Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobbs in new movie and gets sick from Fruitarian diet Parody. Yeah this is a silly video but its not as silly as Ashton Kutcher blaming organic fruits and vegetables for his ill health. Anyone that knows Hollywood knows that Hollywood is about DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS AND MORE DRUGS!! lol! Pancreatitis is common in booze hounds and cocaine snorters. Treatment involves rehab. Dietary Pancreatitis is common when too much fat is consumed. Treatment is to reduce fat intake to UNDER 50g a day for adults. Most raw food noobs eat a few cups of cashews for breakfast + down a crackao smoothie with maccadamia butter and almond milk on top of that. So yeah, thats my suggestions. Ashton Kutcher got sick from eating organic fruits and vegetables? About as much possibility as you seeing me with lines of cocaine smudged on my nose hugging Kate Moss at 3am on a Wednesday morning in SOHO.


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