Ankle Fat – Why Do I Have Ankle Fat?

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Your ankles are too fat for your favorite shoes. When you squeeze into them, your feet hurt, and your feet and ankle fat seem to burst out. Not to mention the embarassing looks people give you when they happen to see your bloated feet. What can you do? First let us start by discovering why you have ankle fat.

Heredity is what gave you your beautiful smile, your blonde hair, and possibly even your ankle fat. Heredity can be a good thing, and it be a bad thing. “You mean Gramps gave me fat feet?” Quite possibly so. Heredity is very tough to beat, but the good news is that just because you were born with the propensity to collect fat does not mean you can not stop it. It only means you will have to work harder than the average Joe to do so.

Are there any other causes of ankle fat? If you did not get ankle fat from your family tree, you got it due to an overall poor diet and lack of exercise. There are very few people in the world with ankle fat only, and a hard toned fit body.

Ankle fat is a sign of fat accumulation, and that is a sign of lack of exercise and poor diet. You will not lose ankle fat without being honest with yourself, and questioning your current diet and exercise plan. The awesome news is that can change! You can implement a structured exercise regimen and healthier diet today.

When you begin to trade good foods for bad, high-fiber low-fat foods for sugar and sweets, and start walking and bicycling, you will notice the effects everywhere other than your ankles first. This will boost your self-esteem, which will fuel your burning desire to get rid of your ankle fat. So aside from losing ankle fat, wouldn’t dropping unwanted, unhealthy inches all over your body be awesome?

If you want to begin to lose ankle fat today, and are ready to discover fat and weight loss secrets that make a healthier you a certainty, you need a tested, proven, easy-to-follow plan. Start your journey to weight loss today by getting some more FREE TIPS HERE.


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