Ankle Fat – Top 3 Ankle Fat Remedies

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Ankle fat is unattractive, and might even be keeping you from wearing your favorite sandals or beach shoes. While ankle fat may be the hardest fat to lose, it can be done. Follow our top three ankle fat remedies and you will shed the fat from your feet.

#1 Remedy

Ankle fat is almost always a sign of overall body fat. This is one of the last places fat shows up, and generally means that exercise needs to be added to a total lifestyle change. We are not advocating buying a home gym, just adding simple exercise to your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk one mile to start your day and one mile after dinner. Add some running, walking, etc. to your lunch break every day. On your off days, plan aerobic conditioning like biking, hiking or swimming. As you begin to see results, step up your efforts, and you will see overall weight loss as well as ankle fat loss.

#2 Remedy
Food For Your Feet

While there are really no foods that are specifically tailored for ankle fat loss, by introducing more high fiber, low fat foods into your diet, your overall fat and weight loss will increase. As you lose unwanted fat all over your body, ankle fat will go with it. And the good thing about ankle fat is its role as a precursor to your total health. When you see ankle fat disappear, that means you have lost weight over your entire body as well.

Wash Away The Fat

Soak your feet daily in a warm foot bath. Wrap a towel around your feet, place your feet in a small tub, and add warm to hot water. Test the water temp with your feet first, and make it just hot enough to bare. The heat will open up your pores and help melt away ankle fat, and this is also a soothing way to end your day.

Ankle fat is one tough customer, but can be conquered by employing an overall whole body approach to health. If you want to look and feel your best every day, CLICK HERE for some amazing free tips to take the next step in ankle fat removal.

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