Alternative Treatment for Reversing Heart Disease – Prevention

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Important! Consumer Alert: Beware of copy-cat paperback publications. This is the ONLY anti-heart disease 200-page Special Report on the web written by a former cardiologist/surgeon … who now reveals the real truth to you! Don’t trust your life to some ghostwriter. Get the real facts on how to reverse or prevent heart disease here.

Several years ago the readers of one of the most famous national health magazines gave me a “Best Doctor Achievement Award.” That’s when people started calling me “America’s Most Trusted Doctor.” But most doctors call me things like “revolutionary” or “pioneer.” Why?

For my pioneering expertise in natural cures, and because I’m not afraid to challenge traditional medical beliefs.

People just like you have traveled to my Integrative Medicine Clinic from all over the country — and from as far away as London.

I’ve been an M.D. for over 30 years — 7 of them as a heart surgeon. I started out naively, and quickly became successful. Like most surgeons, all I did was prescribe drugs, operate and sleep.

Most mornings I sawed open chests, hooked my patients up to life support machines, stopped their hearts, grafted arteries, re-started their hearts, sewed them up, and sent them home.

Or so I thought. After awhile, I began to realize most of my patients were getting worse … some needlessly dying of heart disease.

The problem wasn’t me. And it wasn’t other doctors. We were only practicing what we were taught in medical school.

Why would I quit performing heart surgery at the peak of my career and leave behind the power, prestige and the financial stability I had accumulated? Simple: I was fed up with practicing disease-oriented medicine and decided to make the transition to a world of health and preventive medicine. On that fateful day in 1981, I started a cardiac rehabilitation program. I wanted to help people prevent and even reverse heart disease.

I now know from experience, that remedies from nature are much safer and more effective than prescription drugs and needless surgery. I don’t care which treatments make the health industry a lot of money. I couldn’t care less about the financial well-being of the pharmaceutical giants.

Now, thanks to these proven treatments and natural cures, I continue to see astonishing results with patient after patient — rather than needless deaths from drugs or surgery!

FACT: 150 years ago heart disease was virtually unheard of. Today it is the #1 cause of death in America. It kills nearly 30% of us. In fact, it kills more women than all forms of cancer, chronic lung disease, pneumonia, AIDS, diabetes and accidents combined.

You don’t have to face this fate, if you let me show you the proven ways I’ve discovered to kiss heart disease goodbye.

These secrets to good heart health do NOT rely on prescription drugs and needless surgery — which is probably why you’ll never hear about them from conventional sources.

Today you’re going to learn how to reverse heart disease…


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