Abs of Steel! – windshield wipers

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www.scoobysworkshop.com In this video Im going to show you how to do the windshield wipers to develop abs of steel! This helps develop strong obliques which are important in virtually every sport as well as in everyday life. You can do this indoor on a doorway mount pullup bar or on any real pullup bar. The windshield wiper is a fun exercise for experienced bodybuilders, its not a beginning exercise. Doing these before your core is already strong will result in a very, very painful pulled muscle. Many people find these difficult so let me show you how to work up to them. First, you need to have done bicycles for several months so your obliques are pretty strong. Next, you need to be really strong at leg raises so work on these. If you cant do a straight legged raise to horizontal and hold it, then you wont be able to do windshield wipers, so work on this first. Beginners Windshield Wiper: When you are first starting, its much easier to use a parallel grip because it lets you use wrist strength to help pull yourself up. Save doing it on a parallel bar till you are experienced. Since I have the parallel grip bar, let me show you the beginner windshield wipers. Use wrist straps! You are hanging upside down, if you fall, you will break your back or neck – this is NOT a time to work on your grip strength! In one fluid motion, bring your knees up to your elbows. Dont just hang passively from the bar, push the bar down toward your waist till you can balance – Im totally relaxed <b>…<b>


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