A Little Bit Longer Nick Jonas Love Story Chapter 6!

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Hey people yah sorry. My computer froze for like the day! Yah soo here it is. Sorry i took so long. I will make it up to you! :) Here you goo! Oh Kevin and Joe are gonna be in this chapter! Yah i know its kinda weird adding them now! (His brothers were on vacay with their girlfriends. Demi is Joes girlfriend and Danielle is Kevins girlfriend! Hope that clears it up for yah! Haha lets get to the story!) But Enjoy!!! 310 ________________________________________________ Previously Nicks POV "Nick are you ok?" "Yah im fine, Alexa!" I said. "Are you sure? Because you have been drinking alot of water. And you have been having a bad mood. And you have been losing alot of weight." "WHAT I CANT BE THIRST AND I CANT LOOSE WEIGHT IF I WANT TO??!" I screamed. I dont know why i was so mad. And why i was having a bad mood. "WOAH WOAH WOAH! Dont YELL at ME!" Alexa screamed back. "FINE WHATEVER, ALEXA!" "Urgh Nick you have been acting so differant!" All of a sudden I fell onto the floor, and blacked out. "Oh my gosh! Nick!!!" Alexa screamed. I could faintly hear Alexa scream "Nick? Nick can you hear me?!?" "NICK!!!!!" Nicks POV I woke up slowly in a unfamiliar room. I looked around, and i saw this beautiful face. Once i started to squint i saw who it was! It was Alexa. I cant believe she isnt mad at me. I looked forward. I saw two tall guys. Hmm. Oh my god. My brothers were back from vacation! "J-joe? K-kevin?" i said while studdering. "Hey dude." Joe said as he walked up to my bed <b>…<b>


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