A Jemi One Shot || Wish You Were – Part 5

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Thanks for the 8 comments :) Sorry if this is short, youtube didnt want it longer today… 6+ again for the next one. Enjoy! ______________________________________________________ -After Everyone Leaves- Joes POV As I sat on the piano stool next to Demi, I searched my entire vocabulary to find the right words to say next. I want to bring up her treatment and why she was there, but I dont know what Im supposed to say. About a month after Demi went into treatment is when I found out about one of the reasons she was there. My BEST friend was struggling with an eating disorder and I wasnt there for her. When she needed me the most, I wasnt there. Every single day, I wake up feeling guilty for her thinking shes not beautiful enough. I didnt fall in love with her weight; I fell in love with her heart, brains, and soul. Knowing she thought she had to be skinny for me tears me apart. End of POV Joe: *trying to hold back his tears, but slowly failing* I need you to be honest with me… Demi: With what? *sees his watery eyes* Joe: Did I do something to make you think you werent beautiful enough? Demi: *flabbergasted by his question* What? Joe: I know youve struggled with your weight Demi, I just want to know if you felt you needed to lose weight for me? Demi: Everybody wants to look good for their boyfriend, Joe. Joe: Tell me. Tell me why you stopped eating. Tell me Im a fool for leaving you. Tell me Im a selfish jerk for hurting you. TELL me I should have never dated <b>…<b>


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