5 WORST diet mistakes (for building muscle)

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Submit your pics to win a free copy of Monster Mass: sixpackshortcuts.com Hey yall! Coming back at you today with another episode of the MONSTER New Years Giveaway…and Ive got some killer stuff for you today. Im going to show you the five most common mistakes guys make with their diet when trying to build muscle that prevent them from EVER gaining size. I also show you how to avoid each mistake, and what to do instead so that you get the strong, muscular body you want. Heres the breakdown of mistakes for muscle gain. **1. Not eating enough calories: If youre not gaining weight, its probably because youre not eating enough. Remember weight training only promotes muscle growth and its the calories that actual puts muscles on the body. **2. Not eating enough Carbs: Most of people afraid of carbs because of all the fitness fad diets out there claiming that carbs are the #1 cause of fat gain. Not only is this not true, but carbs is actually one of the most important part of muscle growth. **3 Not pre-cooking your meals in advance. Pre-cooking meals is the key to eating healthy and for muscle growth. For building muscle, we need to eat every two hours or so and without prepared meals… youll never have time and the patience to set up the meal at those specific time. **4 Eating crazy amounts of protein: Your body could only absorb a certain amount of protein, about 1 gram per pound a day. So over eating protein will do you no good, in fact youll be so focused on <b>…<b>


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