3 Weeks to Awesome – The Paleo Diet

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Today is day 16 of my 3 week program to help you achieve awesomeness. Today we are talking Paleo. Its the hottest diet out there right now, and for good reason. As far as general diets go, it is probably the best one I can currently think of. The thing I want you to remember is that it is only a starting point. General diets are just that, general. I want to encourage you to go beyond the paleo diet. I want you to get to know your body, what works for you, what doesnt. I want you to learn to trust yourself to create your own diet. Start by learning what the paleo diet is. Check out all the cool resources at bpm.tv. Just keep the future in mind, and one day evolve beyond paleo. Stick with me. Ill show you how. xoxo ~ Cori


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