11 month baby weighs 61 pounds

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NewsStoryOfTheDay www.facebook.com www.twitter.com Campaign to have Christopher Hitchens knighted www.ipetitions.com COLOMBIA: Colombian doctors are trying to determine why an 11-month old baby already weighs 28 kilogram (61 pounds 12 ounces), the average weight of an 8-year-old in that country. The boys mother Milena Orosco de Agudelo said his exponential growth began when he was 60 days old. Tests show the baby has an endocrine system problem. "He had some test done and the results show that he has a thyroid malfunction," said Orosco. "Then, he had a carpogram test done and that test shows that he has the bones of an 8 year old boy, but they have not told me where that came from." Doctor David Dias of the Barranquilla Pediatric Hospital said the baby was still undergoing testing. The normal weight for an 11-month old boy is between 6 and 7 kilos (13lbs 4oz to 15lbs 7oz). — The International News


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