1 Sneaky Cardio Tip For Max Fat Burn

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1 sneaky cardio tip for maximizing fat burn insanehomefatloss.com Whats up guys, Its Mike Chang with insanehomefatloss, thanks for being with us today for another action packed, fat burning, love handle melting episode. Today we will answer the frequently asked question of, "when is the best time I should do cardio?" Lindsey will reveal some crazy cardio exercises" — (you might actually want to do them a couple of times a day), Also Lindsey will give you the best times to do them. This episode is a true game changer, Lindsey will also help you incorporate the mental and scientific aspects of fitness into you regimen. Watch and lean… I meant learn :) Video Breakdown: 0:22 Best time to do Cardio – First thing in the morning – Start the day off the fresh 0:36 Different Types of Cardio – Walking outside – biking – treadmill – elliptical 0:55 Have "SEX" – multiple times a day – find a workout partner 1:09 Heart Rate Training For Fat Burn – Heart rate monitors 135 max – Conversation heart Rate comparison 1:52 Cardio Duration – 30 mins for experienced – 10 mins beginners – cardio plateau So make sure you have more SEX, walk outside or do some sort of cardio every morning, and start the day off with a bang. :) With so many changes in believes and methods when it comes to fitness. I believe one of the most misunderstood and less talked about part of a true fitness program would be the Cardiovascular portion. Not only will we have to concern or selves with the types of <b>…<b>


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