⤋HCG Ultra Diet FAQ HCG Ultra Drops Questions Pt 1 of 3⤋

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⤋Click Here⤋ subcutaneousfat.net HCG Ultra Diet FAQ HCG Ultra Drops Questions Pt 1 of 3 WHATS IN YOUR HCG DROPS? The ingredients contained in our HCG Drops work together with the hormone HCG and produce a formula superior to all others. We discovered that by combining our proprietary HCG protocol and our superior formula, the mixture sends a message to the hypothalamus to release the accumulation of stored fat. The HCG weight loss plan works on a combination of the HCG Drops and a diet low in calories. The average weight loss experienced by our HCG Drops is similar to that of someone who is on a typical HCG diet. One of the benefits of this HCG weight loss plan is while losing weight and eating a healthy diet, the dieter learns how to make better food choices and eat healthy. This new and improved relationship with food, makes it easier for the dieter to minimize or even eliminate gaining the lost weight back. HOW DOES VITAMIN B-12 AND HCG WORK TOGETHER? The secret to our HCG Drops include a blend of chosen ingredients to increase weight loss. To help maximize the side effects of the HCG drops, Vitamin B12 is introduced into the diet with every meal. Doing this helps three ways. 1. The optimization of absorption of food and liquids consumed allows your body to take in more nutrients, 2. Vitamin B12 is essential to increase blood flow and ensuring blood flow reaches all the extremities 3. Your level of energy will increase. The increase of energy from the HCG diet plan <b>…<b>


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