★ Workout – Healthy weight loss

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A video going over the myths and tips on how to lose healthy weight! Music By: Fahran Khan! My name is Ben, i started lifting at 15 years old, and im currently 18 years old. Ive studied muscle development very intensely over the last 3 years of my life, while my mom is a Physical Therapist and my dad is a sports nutritionist Sports scientist, ive had endless of resources at my finger tips. That was not enough, i have gone beyond their understanding and developed person workout routines that work perfectly in accordance to my body. the five best tips that i can provide for anyone looking to lose fat and gain muscle are: 1) Eat right before you hit the gym. 2) Stay motivated the whole time. 3) Drink lots of water. Water weight is healthy weight 4) Sleep (atleast 7 hours) 5) Get enough protein (Right after a workout)


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